Northstar Finance Services

A platform focused on providing consumer finance services across West Africa.

Catering to the large supply gap that exists for consumer financial services products, predominately Nigeria and Ghana.

SafeTrust The foremost Primary Mortgage Institution in Nigeria provides mortgage services to a growing investment portfolio in the Nigerian real estate industry.

Northstar Home Finance Ghana Is a leading provider of mortgage services in Ghana

Ping Express Is a technology-driven international remittance company specialising in secure, low-cost and highly efficient delivery of funds. The company currently funnels funds from collection points in the US, UK, EU and Canada into Nigeria and Ghana, as their primary remittance corridor.

Fast Credit Nigeria and Ghana Operates a unique lending model: short-term loans are issued to employees of financially stable institutions with repayments deducted from the employees’ paycheques by the employer, limiting default risk while maximising high loan yields. Its independent sister company in Ghana, Fast Credit Ghana, will operate the same successful lending model.

Avance Insurance Provides innovative life insurance and savings products to the rapidly growing Ghanaian middle class